What is the GFE?

A GFE blurs the lines a little between a purely transactional relationship and romance. The escort of your choosing will still engage in sexual acts that will blow your mind - but she’s acting as though she’s your girlfriend while you’re together. The result is that your meeting is filled with an extra layer of emotional intimacy, deepening the connection and bond you feel during your time together.

The GFE is ideal for the businessmen among us. It’s a great option for those who don’t have the time to settle into a relationship or who are at the place in their life to commit to a girlfriend right now - but yearn for the emotional intimacy of that regardless. By booking a GFE with Olivia Escorts Marbella, you’re essentially given exclusive access to a ‘girlfriend’ who just happens to be one of the most beautiful women on earth.

The GFE doesn’t have to turn sexual though if that’s not really your style. It could just as easily involve going out for dinner or drinks and spending quality time together. Common elements involve interesting conversation and mutual affection as well as taking care of each other’s more sensual needs. All the benefits and loving feeling of being in a deeply loving relationship - without the commitment.


Why choose a GFE with Olivia Escorts Marbella?

If you’re seeking the emotional closeness and mutual care of a relationship, but don’t have time nor the inclination to enter into one -  then Olivia Escorts Marbella is the perfect place to find an elite, high class escort to fulfill that desire. Our selection of Marbella Escorts is carefully curated to guarantee discretion, professionalism and the highest possible degree of pleasure.

We have beautiful, high-class Marbella escorts available across a broad range of categories, so however you would like her to look, you’ll be able to find your perfect date right here. Whether your dream girlfriend is a bubbly blonde or sophisticated brunette, has curves to die for or is small and slim - she’s right here. Have a browse of our galleries and find her now.

Our escorts are all based in Marbella, and are able to provide both incall and outcall services at your desire. Every single one of our girls knows the importance of providing the absolute top level of service, and you won’t be left wanting. If you’d prefer to be in charge of the location, outcall is your best option. This gives you more of a degree of control, you can have your Marbella escort meet you wherever you decide. However, if you're game for a little more mystery and excitement - incall is for you. Your elite escort will choose where the two of you will meet. It’s a sexy surrendering of control that adds a little thrill to the proceedings.


Date Ideas for your GFE Escort in Marbella

If you’ve decided to book in your highly specialised GFE, it’s vital that you know where to go for that all important date night. Whisk your GFE Escort away to any one of these luxe, romantic hideaways and look forward to where the evening takes the two of you:

Timonel Marbella

Tucked into the heart of bustling Marbella, Timonel is a beautiful seafood restaurant offering a unique twist on traditional Spanish cuisine. Pricing is reasonable given how incredible the quality of food, and with a menu so filled with variety, you and your date will no doubt find something delicious to kick off a warm, wonderful evening together.

Coa Restaurant:

Coa is immediately impressive, with its impactful, yet tasteful design. Spectacular food and attentive, friendly wait staff make it a fantastic choice for a romantic date with your GFE Escort. Reviews of Coa are brilliant, with the majority of visitors giving them 5 star feedback! No doubt, your date will be impressed with your choice if you decide to go with Coa. 

Breathe Restaurant:

Breathe is an absolutely stunning new restaurant, providing gorgeous food of Mediterranean and European fusion. It’s light and airy. With amazing views of the surrounding mountainscape - Breathe is an absolutely jaw-dropping location for a GFE. If you want to get into her good books immediately, we recommend this place. Take her up to the cocktail terrace on the rooftop, take in the views and get a little closer… 


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